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ASN2XML is a web application for converting ASN.1 encoded binary data into equivalent XML. An ASN.1 specification may be associated with the binary data in order to print element names and values as defined in the ASN.1 schema. Submit your binary data file and associated ASN.1 schema file for conversion and, if successful, the translated XML document will be shown in your web-browser. A command-line version of this tool is available in our ASN2TXT product.

ASN2XML Data Entry Form

This form is used to set the conversion parameters. Complete each of the sections and then click 'Submit' at the bottom to do the translation.

Step 1: Enter Message to be Translated

Message data may be entered either by uploading a file or copying/pasting text to a message box. Select input method:

Enter a filename or use 'Browse' to select a file containing an ASN.1 encoded message to be translated. The message file may contain binary data, hexadecimal text, or base64 encoded data.


  1. The maximum size of a file to be translated is 500K bytes.
  2. Support for 3GPP TS 32.297 files is experimental. To use, select this file type as well as a built-in 3GPP CDR schema to decode the CDR file contents.

Step 2: Enter ASN.1 Specification

Either a built-in ASN.1 schema specification may be used or a custom ASN.1 specification file may be uploaded. Select input method:

Step 3: Specify non-ASN.1 Headers

Some Call Detail Record (CDR) file formats contain non-ASN.1 headers that prefix the ASN.1-encoded data. The format of these headers may be specified here.

NOTE: Objective Systems makes no guarantee or warranty that the information produced by this service is accurate or correct. Use at your own risk! The output from the tool may be saved and used for any desired purpose as long as the copyright notice in the header is maintained.

Data obtained from this script may be used by Objective Systems for internal testing to improve the quality of its products. Data will not be used for any other purpose or provided to 3rd parties.

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