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  1. CSTADLL v2.4 Is Now Available

    Objective Systems has released v2.4 of its CSTADLL software. You can find information about CSTADLL here, under the CSTA .NET DLL tab.

    The new features in v2.4 are as follows:

    • Support for Siemens Initial Heartbeat in CallMan.
    • Conference Call Functionality in CallMan.
    • Easier Deployment for Non-RLM Installations.
    • DLLs …
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  2. ASN1C v7.5 Release

    Objective Systems is pleased to announce the release of version 7.5 of our flagship product ASN1C.

    ASN1C is a code generation tool targeted at developers who produce products based on Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) and XML standards. It is capable of generating code in five different programming …

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  3. New Releases of ASN1VE and ASN2TXT

    Objective Systems Announces the Release of ASN1VE and ASN2TXT v3.1.

    ASN1VE (ASN.1 Viewer / Editor) is a graphical user interface (GUI) tool for analyzing and editing data encoded using any of the ASN.1 encoding rules (BER, DER, CER, OER, PER, UPER). It provides the capability to assign an …

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  4. V2X API Updated for SAE J2735

    Published: Tue 20 October 2020
    By kbraun

    In V2X.

    We've updated our V2X API for the latest revision of SAE J2735, revision 202007.

    About Objective System's V2X API

    The V2X API is available for C++, Java, and C#.  It supports encoding/decoding V2X messages defined by SAE J2735 and ETSI standards.

    The Python and Go wrappers enable easy conversion …

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  5. TAP 3 DLL Software for ASN1C v74

    Published: Mon 06 July 2020
    By dcoup

    In TAP3.

    The Objective Systems TAP 3 DLL product provides a library of C functions for encoding and decoding messages formatted according to any of the following specifications:

    • TAP (Transferred Account Procedure) versions 0309 through 0312, as defined in the TD.57 documents.
    • RAP (Returned Account Procedure) version 0105-0312, as defined in …
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  6. Optimization, Licensing, and Performance

    Users evaluating our ASN1C SDK frequently find they don't get the encoding or decoding performance they hoped for.  The libraries we provide for evaluation have less-than-optimal performance for two reasons: they are not optimized and they include license checking overhead. Customers who need to evaluate performance characteristics can request access …

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  7. ASN1C v7.4 Release for 2020 Features Python Code Gen

    We are pleased to announce a new major release of ASN1C for 2020, version 7.4.

    The main new feature in this release is the capability to generate Python encoders and decoders. Currently supported is generation of code for the BER/DER and JSON (JER) encoding rules. The BER support …

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  8. ASN1VE and ASN2TXT 3.0 Releases

    We are proud to announce the release of new major versions of our ASN1VE and ASN2TXT products for 2020.

    ASN1VE (ASN.1 Viewer / Editor) is a graphical user interface (GUI) tool for analyzing and editing ASN.1 encoded data. In the new 3.0 release, we have added the following …

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