Chapter 22. Raw Event Handler Interface

Table of Contents

How it Works
Extensible Types
The C Interface
The C++ Interface
Sample Programs

The raw event handler interface is currently supported only for C/C++ and PER.

The –raw-events command line switch causes the compiler to generate raw event parsing functions. These parsing functions invoke user-defined event handlers. The events fire (i.e. the handler is invoked) when key message-processing events occur during the course of parsing an ASN.1 message.

The raw event handler interface is different from the normal event handler interface in two ways. First, it identifies the components, for which an event has fired, using integer identifiers; this avoids the need for string comparisons. Second, the raw event handlers do not receive pre-decoded values. The parser only decodes what it must decode in order to operate; everything else is optionally decoded by the user's event handler.