Generated C Encode Functions for DOM Encoding

It is possible with XBinder to encode a populated data structure to a W3C-compliant Document Object Model (DOM)structure instead of directly to XML. This is done by using the -domcommand-line switch. When this is done, the suffix _toDOMis added to generated encode functions.

The calling sequence is also changed to contain a pointer to a Document root node object:

       [ns]XmlEnc_<elemName>_toDOM (OSCTXT* pctxt,
          <typeName>[*] value, OSRTDOMNodePtr* ppRootNode);

The root node is a generic object pointer that points to the head of the DOM tree. It is defined in domAPI.hbe a void pointer. A concrete DOM implemention would define the actual structure. The default DOM implementation in domAPI.cdefines a mapping to the libxml2 DOM implementation.