Generated WSDL SOAP Stub Functions

When -genStubs option is specified, SOAP Stub functions are generated. Those functions send a request to a server, wait for a response and decode it. Those functions are written to a .h and a .c files. The format of the names of those files are as follows:


The format of a generated SOAP Stub function name is as follows:

        [<ns>]XmlSoap_<wsdl operation name>

where <wsdl operation name>is the name of the WSDL Operation for which the function is being generated and <ns>is an optional namespace setting that can be used to disambiguate names from multiple sources (note: this should not be confused with XML namespaces which are different).

The calling sequence for each generated SOAP Stub function is as follows:

       [<ns>]XmlSoap_<wsdl operation name> (OSSOAPCONN* pConn,
                   <wsdl input operation type>* preq, OSOCTET**

The pConnargument is a pointer to a SOAP connection structure. The preqargument is a pointer to a variable of the wsdl input operation type. The preq contains the information to be sent to the server. The presp argument is a pointer to a variable which holds the response message returned from the server.