There are three main components that you need:

  1. Java compiler and runtime. JSE 5+ is required.

  2. XBinder Java Runtime (xbrt.jar). This needs to be in your classpath when compiling, and at runtime.

  3. StAX API and StAX implementation. The API must be available during compilation; both the API and the implementation must be available at runtime. Note that JSE 6+ includes the StAX API and a StAX implementation.

Obtaining StAX API

If you are using JSE 5, you will need to obtain the StAX API. It is available at stax-api-1.0.1.jar. As of JSE6, the StAX API is part of the JSE platform; you do not need to obtain it separately.

Be sure to include stax-api-1.0.1.jar in your classpath at compilation and run-time.

Obtaining StAX Implementation (Woodstox)

If you are using JSE 5, you must obtain an implementation of StAX. We recommend Woodstox 3.9.2 or higher. Even if you are using JSE 6, you may want to use Woodstox, as this is the implementation we are currently using internally.

You can obtain Woodstox at

To use Woodstox, simply include the downloaded JAR in your classpath (this works even if you are using JSE 6).