Building, Installing, etc.

The command 'ant help' will give you a list of some commands you can use. Here is some sample output:

            [echo] Android Ant Build. Available targets:
            [echo]    help:      Displays this help.
            [echo]    debug:     Builds the application and sign it with a debug key.
            [echo]    release:   Builds the application. The generated apk file must be
            [echo]               signed before it is published.
            [echo]    install:   Installs the debug package onto a running emulator or
            [echo]               device. This can only be used if the application has
            [echo]               not yet been installed.
            [echo]    reinstall: Installs the debug package on a running emulator or
            [echo]               device that already has the application.
            [echo]               The signatures must match.
            [echo]    uninstall: uninstall the application from a running emulator or 
            [echo]               device.