File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
osrtxml.h [code]XML low-level C encode/decode functions
OSXMLDecodeBuffer.h [code]XML decode buffer or stream class definition
OSXMLEncodeBuffer.h [code]XML encode message buffer class definition
OSXMLEncodeStream.h [code]XML encode stream class definition
OSXMLMessageBuffer.h [code]XML encode/decode buffer and stream base class
rtSaxCppAny.h [code]
rtSaxCppAnyType.h [code]
rtSaxCppParser.h [code]
rtSaxCppParserIF.h [code]
rtSaxCppSimpleType.h [code]
rtSaxCppSoap.h [code]
rtSaxCppStrList.h [code]
rtXmlCppEncFuncs.h [code]XML low-level C++ encode functions
rtXmlCppMsgBuf.h [code]This file is deprecated
rtXmlCppNamespace.h [code]XML namespace handling structures and function definitions
rtXmlCppXSDElement.h [code]C++ run-time XML schema global element class definition
rtXmlpCppDecFuncs.h [code]XML low-level C++ decode functions