XML-specific Status Messages

The following table describes status messages that may arise during the course of encoding or decoding XML. The errors below indicate that while the system was able to read the data successfully, it was unable to decode it properly.

Error Code Error Name Description
-200 XML_E_GENERR General error; an error for which no specific error code has been defined.
-201 XML_E_INVSYMBOL An invalid XML symbol (character) was detected at the given point in the parse stream.
-202 XML_E_TAGMISMATCH Start/end tag mismatch. The parsed end tag does not match the start tag that was parsed earlier at this level. Indicates document is not well-formed.
-203 XML_E_DUPLATTR Duplicate attribute found.
-204 XML_E_BADCHARREF Bad character reference found.
-205 XML_E_INVMODE Invalid mode.
-206 XML_E_UNEXPEOF Unexpected end of file (document).
-207 XML_E_NOMATCH Current tag is not matched to specified one. Informational code.
-208 XML_E_ELEMMISRQ Missing required element. This status code is returned by the decoder when the decoder knows exactly which element is absent.
-209 XML_E_ELEMSMISRQ Missing required elements. This status code is returned by the decoder when the number of elements decoded for a given content model group is less then the required number of elements as specified in the schema.
-210 XML_E_TOOFEWELEMS The number of elements in a repeating collection was less than the number of elements specified in the XSD minOccurs facet for this type or element.
-211 XML_E_UNEXPSTARTTAG Unexpected start tag.
-212 XML_E_UNEXPENDTAG Unexpected end tag.
-213 XML_E_IDNOTFOU Expected identifier not found.
-214 XML_E_INVTYPEINFO Unknown xsi:type.
-215 XML_E_NSURINOTFOU Namespace URI not defined for given prefix. A namespace URI was not defined using an xmlns attribute for the given prefix.
-216 XML_E_KEYNOTFOU Keyref constraint has some key that not present in refered constraint.
-217 XML_E_DUPLKEY Key or unique constraint has duplicated key.
-218 XML_E_FLDABSENT Some key has no full set of fields. It is not valid for key constraint.
-219 XML_E_DUPLFLD Some key has more than one value for field.
-220 XML_E_NOTEMPTY An element was not empty when expected.