Binding Declaration

The configuration file format enables customized binding without requiring modification of the source schema. The schema component to which the binding declaration applies must be identified explicitly. Minimally, a configuration file is of the following format.

   <bindings version=”1.0">
      <schemaBindings namespace | schemaLocation = "xsd:anyURI">
         <nodeBindings name | node = "xsd:string">*
             <node bindings declaration>

The schemaBindings node has the attribute namespace or schemaLocation to refer to a schema. The namespace attribute is used to specify a schema using its target namespace. The schemaLocation attribute specifices a schema using its physical file location.

The nodeBindings node has the attribute name and node to construct a reference to a node within the schema. The name attribute specifies a node using its QName. The node attribute uses an XPath expression to specify a set of nodes.

A summary of these attribute values is as follows:

namespace: A reference to a schema’s target namespace.

schemaLocation: A URI reference to an XML schema document.

name: The qualified name (QName) of a node within the schema.

node: An XPath 1.01 expression that identifies the schema node within a schema with which to associate binding declarations.

     1.XML Path Language (XPath) Version 1.0 (

An example of a configuration file can be found in the section “Configuration File Example”.