Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
_OSRTIntStackThis is the main stack structure
OSBitMapItemNamed bit in a bit map
OSBufferIndexThis structure can be used as an index into the buffer
OSCTXTRun-time context structure
OSDynOctStrDynamic binary string structure
OSNumDateTimeNumeric date/time structure
OSRTBufferRun-time message buffer structure
OSRTBufSaveStructure to save the current message buffer state
OSRTDListThis is the main list structure
OSRTDListNodeThis structure is used to hold a single data item within the list
OSRTErrInfoRun-time error information structure
OSRTErrLocnRun-time error location structure
OSRTPrintStreamStructure to hold information about a global PrintStream
OSRTScalarDListThis is the main list structure
OSRTScalarDListNodeThis structure is used to hold a single data item within the list
OSRTSTREAMThe stream control block
OSUTF8NameAndLenUTF-8 name and length structure
OSXMLFullQNameThis version of QName contains complete namespace info (prefix + URI)
OSXMLSTRINGXML UTF-8 character string structure
OSXSDAnyStructure to hold xsd:any data in binary and XML text form
OSXSDDateTimeNumeric date/time structure