File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
osMacros.h [code]
osSysTypes.h [code]
rtxArrayList.h [code]ArrayList functions
rtxBase64.h [code]
rtxBigInt.h [code]
rtxBigNumber.h [code]
rtxBitDecode.h [code]Bit decode functions
rtxBitEncode.h [code]Bit encode functions
rtxBitString.h [code]
  • Contains utility functions for setting, clearing, and testing bits at any position in an arbitrarily sized array of bytes
rtxBuffer.h [code]Common runtime functions for reading from or writing to the message buffer defined within the context structure
rtxCharStr.h [code]
rtxClock.h [code]
rtxCommon.h [code]Common runtime constants, data structure definitions, and run-time functions to support various data encoding standards
rtxContext.h [code]Common run-time context definitions
rtxCtype.h [code]
rtxDateTime.h [code]Common runtime functions for converting to and from various standard date/time formats
rtxDecimal.h [code]Common runtime functions for working with xsd:decimal numbers
rtxDiag.h [code]Common runtime functions for diagnostic tracing and debugging
rtxDiagBitTrace.h [code]Common runtime functions for tracing bit patterns written to or read from a stream
rtxDList.h [code]Doubly-Linked List Utility Functions
rtxDynBitSet.h [code]
  • Implementation of a dynamic bit set similar to the Java BitSet class
rtxDynPtrArray.h [code]
  • Implementation of a dynamic pointer array
rtxEnum.h [code]Common runtime types and functions for performing operations on enumerated data items
rtxErrCodes.h [code]List of numeric status codes that can be returned by common run-time functions and generated code
rtxError.h [code]Error handling function and macro definitions
rtxExternDefs.h [code]Common definitions of external function modifiers used to define the scope of functions used in DLL's (Windows only)
rtxFile.h [code]Common runtime functions for reading from or writing to files
rtxFloat.h [code]
rtxHashMap.h [code]Generic hash map interface
rtxHashMapStr2Int.h [code]String-to-integer hash map interface
rtxHashMapStr2UInt.h [code]String-to-unsigned integer hash map interface
rtxHashMapUndef.h [code]Undefine all hash map symbols to allow reuse of the basic definitions in a different of the map
rtxHttp.h [code]
rtxIntDecode.h [code]General purpose integer decode functions
rtxIntEncode.h [code]General purpose integer encode functions
rtxIntStack.h [code]Simple FIFO stack for storing integer values
rtxLatin1.h [code]Utility functions for converting ISO 8859-1 strings to and from UTF-8
rtxMemBuf.h [code]
rtxMemory.h [code]Memory management function and macro definitions
rtxNetUtil.h [code]
rtxPattern.h [code]Pattern matching functions
rtxPrint.h [code]
rtxPrintStream.h [code]Functions that allow printing diagnostic message to a stream using a callback function
rtxPrintToStream.h [code]
rtxRandTest.h [code]
rtxReal.h [code]Common runtime functions for working with floating-point numbers
rtxScalarDList.h [code]Doubly-linked list utility functions to hold scalar data variables
rtxSOAP.h [code]: common SOAP socket communications functions
rtxSocket.h [code]
rtxStream.h [code]Input/output data stream type definitions and function prototypes
rtxStreamBase64Text.h [code]
rtxStreamBuffered.h [code]
rtxStreamCtxtBuf.h [code]
rtxStreamFile.h [code]
rtxStreamHexText.h [code]
rtxStreamMemory.h [code]
rtxStreamSocket.h [code]
rtxStreamZlib.h [code]
rtxSysInfo.h [code]
rtxTBCD.h [code]Telephony binary-decimal conversion functions
rtxUnicode.h [code]This is an open source header file derived from the libxml2 project
rtxUTF16.h [code]Utility functions for converting UTF-16(LE|BE) strings to and from UTF-8
rtxUTF8.h [code]Utility functions for handling UTF-8 strings
rtxUtil.h [code]
rtxXmlQName.h [code]XML QName type definition and associated utility functions
rtxXmlStr.h [code]