rtxStreamFile.h File Reference

#include <stdio.h>
#include "rtxsrc/rtxStream.h"

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EXTERNRT int rtxStreamFileAttach (OSCTXT *pctxt, FILE *pFile, OSUINT16 flags)
 Attaches the existing file structure pointer to the stream.
EXTERNRT int rtxStreamFileOpen (OSCTXT *pctxt, const char *pFilename, OSUINT16 flags)
 Opens a file stream.
EXTERNRT int rtxStreamFileCreateReader (OSCTXT *pctxt, const char *pFilename)
 This function creates an input file stream using the specified file name.
EXTERNRT int rtxStreamFileCreateWriter (OSCTXT *pctxt, const char *pFilename)
 This function creates an output file stream using the file name.

Detailed Description

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