rtxStream.h File Reference

Input/output data stream type definitions and function prototypes. More...

#include "rtxsrc/rtxContext.h"
#include "rtxsrc/rtxMemBuf.h"

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 The stream control block. More...


typedef long(* OSRTStreamReadProc )(struct OSRTSTREAM *pStream, OSOCTET *pbuffer, size_t bufSize)
 Stream read function pointer type.
typedef long(* OSRTStreamBlockingReadProc )(struct OSRTSTREAM *pStream, OSOCTET *pbuffer, size_t toReadBytes)
 Stream blockingRead function pointer type.
typedef long(* OSRTStreamWriteProc )(struct OSRTSTREAM *pStream, const OSOCTET *data, size_t numocts)
 Stream write function pointer type.
typedef int(* OSRTStreamFlushProc )(struct OSRTSTREAM *pStream)
 Stream flush function pointer type.
typedef int(* OSRTStreamCloseProc )(struct OSRTSTREAM *pStream)
 Stream close function pointer type.
typedef int(* OSRTStreamSkipProc )(struct OSRTSTREAM *pStream, size_t skipBytes)
 Stream skip function pointer type.
typedef int(* OSRTStreamMarkProc )(struct OSRTSTREAM *pStream, size_t readAheadLimit)
 Stream mark function pointer type.
typedef int(* OSRTStreamResetProc )(struct OSRTSTREAM *pStream)
 Stream reset function pointer type.
typedef int(* OSRTStreamGetPosProc )(struct OSRTSTREAM *pStream, size_t *ppos)
 Stream get position function pointer type.
typedef int(* OSRTStreamSetPosProc )(struct OSRTSTREAM *pStream, size_t pos)
 Stream set position function pointer type.
 The stream control block.


EXTERNRT int rtxStreamClose (OSCTXT *pctxt)
 This function closes the input or output stream and releases any system resources associated with the stream.
EXTERNRT int rtxStreamFlush (OSCTXT *pctxt)
 This function flushes the output stream and forces any buffered output octets to be written out.
EXTERNRT int rtxStreamInit (OSCTXT *pctxt)
 This function initializes a stream part of the context block.
EXTERNRT int rtxStreamInitCtxtBuf (OSCTXT *pctxt)
 This function initializes a stream to use the context memory buffer for stream buffering.
EXTERNRT int rtxStreamRemoveCtxtBuf (OSCTXT *pctxt)
 This function removes the use of a context memory buffer from a stream.
EXTERNRT long rtxStreamRead (OSCTXT *pctxt, OSOCTET *pbuffer, size_t bufSize)
 This function reads up to 'bufsize' bytes of data from the input stream into an array of octets.
EXTERNRT long rtxStreamBlockingRead (OSCTXT *pctxt, OSOCTET *pbuffer, size_t readBytes)
 This function reads up to 'bufsize' bytes of data from the input stream into an array of octets.
EXTERNRT int rtxStreamSkip (OSCTXT *pctxt, size_t skipBytes)
 This function skips over and discards the specified amount of data octets from this input stream.
EXTERNRT long rtxStreamWrite (OSCTXT *pctxt, const OSOCTET *data, size_t numocts)
 This function writes the specified amount of octets from the specified array to the output stream.
EXTERNRT int rtxStreamGetIOBytes (OSCTXT *pctxt, size_t *pPos)
 This function returns the number of processed octets.
EXTERNRT int rtxStreamMark (OSCTXT *pctxt, size_t readAheadLimit)
 Marks the current position in this input stream.
EXTERNRT int rtxStreamReset (OSCTXT *pctxt)
 Repositions this stream to the position recorded by the last call to the rtxStreamMark function.
EXTERNRT OSBOOL rtxStreamMarkSupported (OSCTXT *pctxt)
 Tests if this input stream supports the mark and reset methods.
EXTERNRT OSBOOL rtxStreamIsOpened (OSCTXT *pctxt)
 Tests if this stream opened (for reading or writing).
EXTERNRT OSBOOL rtxStreamIsReadable (OSCTXT *pctxt)
 Tests if this stream opened for reading.
EXTERNRT OSBOOL rtxStreamIsWritable (OSCTXT *pctxt)
 Tests if this stream opened for writing.
EXTERNRT int rtxStreamRelease (OSCTXT *pctxt)
 This function releases the stream's resources.
EXTERNRT void rtxStreamSetCapture (OSCTXT *pctxt, OSRTMEMBUF *pmembuf)
 This function sets a capture buffer for the stream.
EXTERNRT OSRTMEMBUF * rtxStreamGetCapture (OSCTXT *pctxt)
 This function returns the capture buffer currently assigned to the stream.
EXTERNRT int rtxStreamGetPos (OSCTXT *pctxt, size_t *ppos)
 Get the current position in input stream.
EXTERNRT int rtxStreamSetPos (OSCTXT *pctxt, size_t pos)
 Set the current position in input stream.

Detailed Description

Input/output data stream type definitions and function prototypes.

Definition in file rtxStream.h.