File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
domAPI.h [code]
osrtdom.h [code]DOM low-level C encode/decode functions
osrtxml.h [code]XML low-level C encode/decode functions
rtLx2Dom.h [code]
rtxDomDefs.h [code]
rtXmlCtxtAppInfo.h [code]
rtXmlEncDateTmpl.h [code]
rtXmlErrCodes.h [code]List of numeric status codes that can be returned by ASN1C run-time functions and generated code
rtXmlExternDefs.h [code]XML external definitions macro
rtXmlKeyArray.h [code]
  • Implementation of a dynamic pointer sorted array
rtXmlNamespace.h [code]XML namespace handling structures and function definitions
rtXmlpCppDecFuncs.h [code]XML low-level C++ decode functions
rtXmlPull.h [code]