Setting the License Key

To enable advanced functionality within ASN1VE, a license key value must be set. This license key is normally sent by e-mail after a license is purchased (permanent key) or when the user requests an evaluation version (evaluation key).

To enter the key value, the Edit -> Configure command is used:

This will cause the Configuration Options window to be displayed. The License tab should be displayed. If not, click on it to display the license key entry screen:

The key value can now be either typed in or copied and pasted into the data entry field:

Press Activate to activate the license. If you wish to deactivate an existing license to move it to another machine, the Deactivate button can be used.

The "Check-in license on exit" check box is used to indicate that the license should be immediately returned to the license pool upon exit making it available for other users on different machines. If not checked, the machine on which it is being used will continue to hold it until it times out (typically in 24 hours). If you will only be using ASN1VE on a single machine most of the time, it is better to keep it unchecked as it will lead to faster startups since the Internet check will not need to be done each time.

The HTTP PROXY box can be used if you are using ASN1VE on a machine that requires Internet requests go through a proxy server.

If you have an existing osyslic.txt or RLM license file, the license information can be imported by clicking the File radio button and either dragging and dropping the file into the dialog box or using the Select file dialog: