Project View

The Project View shows project details, including the currently loaded schema file, protocol data unit (PDU) type, and encoding rules. Some options for editing project settings are also provided in the context menu.

The Project View can be hidden by clicking the X in the upper-right corner, or by unchecking Show project information in the View menu. The hidden project information can be shown again by checking this option again.

Many of the project settings can be edited directly by right-clicking on them. Project settings can also be edited through the Edit project... option in the Project menu.

It should be noted that header-specific settings will be shown under Header Type depending on its setting. For example, when Header Type is set to Skip, settings for Skip Fixed Header (file header) and Skip Repeating Header (message header) will determine the size (in bytes) of each.

Dragging and dropping a project file onto the Project View will open the project in ASN1VE.