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XBinder v1.4.x Change Log

The current production release version of the XBinder compiler is 1.4.4. The following changes have been made since the last patch release (1.4.3):

  • A #define is generated in the header file to define the total count of the entries in an enumeration. (XBI-985)

  • Some potential security issues are fixed. (XBI-980)

  • OSXMLStringClass is fixed for potential memory leak issue. (XBI-936)

  • Fixed a bug in decoding contents containing LF ('\n') character. (XBI-931)

  • Fixed a bug in the GUI program, xbindergui, in which the option "-all" is not added to the command line. (XBI-929)

  • Fixed a bug in run-time API rtxGetDateTime in which the returned local time is not correctly calculted when timezone is present in the OSNumDateTime structure.(XBI-896)(br />
  • Fixed duplicated anyAttribute generated for complexContent derived types. (XBI-834)

  • Fixed rtxStreamMemoryGetBuffer() to return correct buffer pointer when directBuffer is used. (XBI-833)

  • Added two run-time functions rtxDateIsValid() and rtxTimeIsValid(). Added range checking on date/time component fields. (XBI-825)

  • Added a #define for the max number of Choices in the generated C header file. (XBI-819)

  • Fixed a bug in the generated decode functions where the error stack may be reset and some decoding errors may be lost. (XBI-818)

  • Fixed a bug in the generated source files for namespace module. The generated header file for namespace module was not included in the corresponding c/cpp files that might cause compilation error. (XBI-788)

  • Added a method to relax namespace checking. To disable namespace checking, the user need to call rtxCtxtSetFlag (pctxt, OSXMLNOCMPNS) before calling decode. (XBI-802)

  • Provided Visual Studio 2005 project files for building run-time libraries. (XBI-803)

  • Fixed a bug in OSXSDAnyTypeClass constructors in which setValue() may crash since value.value is not initialized. (XBI-808)

The following changes were made between patch release 1.4.2 and 1.4.3:

  • Fixed a bug in which code generated with -noxmlns was missing types derived from xsd:anyType. (XBI-796)

  • Fixed problems with circular references when import statements did not include schemaLocation attribute (XBI-788)

  • Fixed a bug in fragment code generation, in which some generated functions use local variable 'elemName' that is not declared in these functions. (XBI-788)

  • Added an option -noNamedBits. This option enables using a regular list for a list of enumerated types. By default, the generated code creates a named bits structure because list of enumerated is frequently used to cretae a set of properties. .(XBI-779)

  • Fixed a bug in which an empty attribute is encoded. (XBI-793)

  • Fixed bugs in C++ test code generation involving derived types. (XBI-759)

  • Improved constraint checking. Added more facet tests.

  • Fixed a bug in which elements belonging to null namespace are encoded under a (non-null) default namespace.

  • Improved error handling on mandatory count in generated decode functions. In normal mode, the error is pushed on the stack and decoding continues; in lax mode, the mandatory count variable is not checked. (XBI-743)

  • Fixed memory leaks which were occurring on some decode failures. (XBI-741)

  • Fixed warnings generated by gcc compiler. (XBI-738)

  • Added options -genMakeLib and -genMakeDLL. Option genMakeLib generates code in makefile to put all objects into a static library. Option genMakeDLL generates code in makefile to build a shared object.

The following changes were made between patch release 1.4.0 and 1.4.2:

  • Fixed problem in detecting control characetrs in input stream. (PR# XBI-698)

  • Fixed problem in decoding XML messages containing CRCRLF line ending.(PR# XBI-704)

  • Fixed incorrect append function generated on array type. (PR# XBI-705)

  • Fixed macros defined in run-time header file osSysTypes.h. (PR# XBI-712)

  • Fixed backward compatibility option (-compat 1.3) to generate C++ code for derived types in the same way as it was done prior to the 1.4 release. This model was to inherit from C++ base classes that were declared as the base type in complexContent extensions. (PR# XBI-654)

  • Fixed memory free problem with repeating xsd:anyType element. (PR# XBI-681)

  • Fixed compilation errors that occurred when trying to build libraries from scratch using provided makefiles in a source code distribution package. (XBI-667)

  • Fixed a memory management error that would occur when using a dynamic encode buffer and encoding a very large document in memory. (XBI-660)

  • Fixed a compilation error in the generated code that occurred when generateing code for the G2S gaming standards schemas with the -sax switch enabled. (XBI-659)