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ooh323c moves forward

Thanks to recent financial support from companies such as Oxford Consulting Group and 2N Telekomunikace, the Objective Open H.323 stack has seen some considerable improvement in the last few months.  The most noteworthy accomplishment was fixing a very elusive and subtle memory bug that could cause a crash after a relatively small number of calls (50 – 100).  This followed on the heels of a fix to the Asterisk ooh323c channel driver that allowed Asterisk to work with the latest stable version of ooh323c.  Once corrected, load testing of several thousand calls showed great stability.  A luxury/performance car manufacturer is now using Asterisk with ooh323c to make car-to-car calls.

So contrary to some reports floating around on the Internet, ooh323c is not dead.  We continue to upgrade it and improve stability (although we are not doing any major new development such as adding T.38, or H.450, or video support).   The latest release is our most robust and stable yet, it can be downloaded from