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ASN1VE (ASN.1 Viewer / Editor) is a graphical user interface (GUI) tool for analyzing and editing data encoded using any of the ASN.1 encoding rules (BER, DER, CER, PER, U-PER). It provides the capability to assign an ASN.1 schema to binary data to produce multiple views of the data showing all of the assigned type and element names. To see some of these features in action, please visit our feature video.

Examples of some of the message types that can be viewed, created, or edited are:

  • PER 3G and 4G ASN.1-based signaling protocol messages such as those used in the NBAP, RANAP, RNSAP, RRC, S1AP, and X2AP protocols.
  • OMA Secure User Plane Location (SUPL) messages which are used in many GPS related applications.
  • H.323 protocol signalling messages.
  • X.509 certificates (*.cer,*.crt)
  • Transferred Account Procedure (TAP3) batch files
  • Files containing Call Detail Records (CDR's) in various vendor formats

The basic functionality contained within ASN1VE may be used free without a license. This includes viewing the basic structure of BER-encoded data in tree, hex, and detail views. Advanced functionality requires a license file be purchased. Advanced features include the following:

  • View and edit Packed Encoding Rules (PER) messages
  • Associate an ASN.1 schema definition with a binary message
  • Edit data fields within a message and create new messages
  • Search command to find various items in decoded messages

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ASN1VE 2.6.2 is the latest release. This version was released on 8 January 2018. See the change log for details on what was changed in this release.