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New Major Release of ASN2TXT

Objective Systems is pleased to announce a new major release (version 2.6) of our ASN2TXT product.  ASN2TXT translates data from ASN.1 encoded binary formats (BER, DER, CER, PER, and UPER) to textual formats such as XML, JSON, or Comma-separated value (CSV).   The application allows ASN.1 schemas to be applied to data at run-time rather than having to first generate and compile code in some programming language.

The key new feature in the release is the addition of a Document Object Model (DOM) capability for users of the DLL.  Users can decode ASN.1 binary into a DOM tree format where values can be altered prior to serialization into an output format.  These alterations can be in the form of changing node values, adding additional nodes, or removing nodes from the tree.  The capability also exists to locate nodes in the tree using standard XML Path (XPath) expressions.

In addition to the new DOM feature, we have also added support for ISO 8601 date/time types as well as interfaces that allow the DLL to be used in C and C# .NET applications.

A free, 30-day evaluation version of the product may be downloaded from the ASN2TXT product page by clicking the “Download” button at the bottom of the page.

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ASN2TXT v2.5.0 Released

Version 2.5.0 of Objective Systems’ ASN2TXT product is now available.

The ASN.1-to-text translator (ASN2TXT) translates binary-encoded BER/CER/DER/PER ASN.1 data into various textual formats including XML, comma-separated value (CSV), and JSON formats.  It includes a DLL that can be embedded in user code as well as a command-line executable and GUI wizard that invoke this DLL.

This version adds the following new capabilities:

  • Ability to decode ASN.1 binary data to a JSON format. Most existing XML options are also valid for JSON output.
  • Filtering of CSV data. Using a configuration file, it is now possible to specify a selection path (and optional mapped column name) and only write records to the CSV file that match this path.
  • Support for decoding 3GPP TS 32.297 headers for XML and JSON. This is a standard header format now used in many LTE-related and other CDR formats.

You can find out more about ASN2TXT from our web site here:


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Announcing ASN2TXT 2.4.1

We’re proud to release ASN2TXT 2.4.1, the latest patch to our ASN.1 to Text conversion tool. It is a recommended upgrade for all users that includes some under-the-covers improvements to error handling and some bug fixes. Those of you interested in embedding our ASN2TXT DLL in your own applications will appreciate code that integrates better, as well. You can find the latest in our changelog. Those who haven’t used it before can download an evaluation easily.

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Announcing ASN2TXT 2.4.0

We’re pleased to announce the release of ASN2TXT 2.4.0. The new version can be downloaded from our evaluation page. You’re invited to look at the release notes and the change log for some additional information about new features in the release. Users of ASN2TXT 2.3 are advised to upgrade to take advantage of several performance enhancements and the addition of CSV bindings to the ASN2TXTDLL API.

Version 2.4.0 features more efficient CSV conversion, improved handling for malformed messages, additional formats for OIDs, and more robust means of trimming output CSV files. If you have any questions or comments, please send us an email at support!

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ASN2TXT Beta Release

We’re proud to announce the beta release of a new ASN.1 data conversion tool called ASN2TXT. In the past, we offered two such tools: ASN2XML and ASN2CSV. In its initial release, ASN2TXT combines these two tools into one that can target both XML and CSV text formats.

We wanted to offer users more flexibility for their output while at the same time developing a more generic platform for textual representations of ASN.1 data. This release debuts a few improvements in our conversions and has laid the groundwork to roll out additional text-based formats in the future.

If you’re interested in converting your ASN.1-encoded data into convenient formats, consider evaluating ASN2TXT. Feel free to email us with any comments or questions—we’ll be glad to work with you to find a solution for your needs.

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