Chapter 3. Interface

Table of Contents

Tree View
Document View
Detail View/Editor
Project View
Error Log

The ASN1VE main window is divided into several parts, each with a different function.

1. Tree View

The Tree View lets the user explore a decoded message file or schema. Clicking on a node in the tree will highlight the data it represents in other views.

2. Document View

This view contains several tabs that show the current message file or schema in various forms.

3. Detail View/Editor

When a node is selected in the Tree View, this view shows detailed information about the element. If an ASN.1 schema is used, an editor is also shown here for some elements.

4. Project View

This view shows information about settings currently being used, such as schema file names and encoding rules.

5. Error Log

The Error Log shows details about encoding and decoding data and parsing schemas. If a problem occurs in one of these, an error message will be shown here.

6. Menus