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XBinder v2.1.x Change Log

The following changes were made between patch release 2.1.0 and 2.1.1:

  • Fixed a bug in code generation when the type is mixed and option -trace is used. (XBI-1231)

  • Added 'm' to the reserved words table for C/C++. If 'm' is used in a structure, the name will be changed to 'm_'. (XBI-1230)

  • The xbeditor GUI update. Wrong version number in about dialog has been fixed. Crash when validating a schema has been fixed. (XBI-1228)

  • Fixed a bug in fragment encoding code generation. (XBI-1218)

  • Fixed a bug that causes SAX validation hang in some cases. (XBI-1217)

  • Fixed a bug in SAX validation code generation for NULL type, xsdAnyType. (XBI-1209)

  • Version 1.1 compatible macro names is now generated when -compat is specified. (XBI-1207)

  • Fix a bug in which the compiler crashes in updating the namespace for an attrGroup that is in a differenct module without targetNamespace. (XBI-1197)

  • Fix a bug in decoding xsd:any element with CDATA inside in which the decoded any data shows duplicate start element. (XBI-1195)